Highland Heritage vineyard is situated at 900 metres on rich basalt soils. The cool temperatures during most of the growing season coupled with dry autumn conditions are ideal for grape growing. The fruit ripens slowly intensifying colour and flavour. Harvesting the fruit during autumn when its cooler, is also better for the fruit than compared to the heat of warmer climates.

Orange is a cool climate region with the added benefit of an elevation ranging from 600 metres to just under 1200 metres. This has a profound effect on the resultant wines, producing sophisticated and alluring reds and elegant well structured whites.

Located on 125 hectares on the Central Tablelands of New South Wales at Orange, 3kms east of the city, it is currently planted to 14 Hectares of grapes consisting of 0.79 Ha Chardonnay, 1.83 Ha Pinot Noir, 6.0 Ha Sauvignon Blanc, 0.80 Ha Merlot, 0.6Ha Riesling, 3.22 Ha Shiraz, 0.67 Ha Prosecco and 0.6 Ha Cabernet Franc.

The grape growing season is October to April. Harvest of our grapes usually starts in mid/late March to late April.

Wines are produced at the Ross HIll Winery in Orange with the very talented winemaker, Chris Jessop. Our tasting panel to maintain our high quality consists of winemakers Rex DAquino and Mike Degaris (both graduates of Roseworthy College), as well as Chris Jessop, James Robson and Isabelle Locke.