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After much needed rain at Highland Heritage Estate, our dam is looking full.

We are getting closer to harvest the mass foliage is very green and luscious.

Would there be any better view, than this?

Early morning fog settles on the vines.

Winter Wonderland.

A stunning drive through the vines before you visit our cellar door.

Plump pinot noir grapes ready for harvest watch this space for delicious wine!

An awesome aerial shot showing this year’s harvest.

Chardonnay looking good. Vibrant green foliage perfect for all your photos in the vines!

The most “experienced” farm hands Ollie & Bella

The vines were a tad chilly this morning, not ideal for the crop so fingers crossed!

Novinophobia – the fear of running out of wine. Vines for days, means wines for days!

The original cellar door aka ‘The Carriage’

The full Highland Heritage Estate range, something for everyone’s palate.

Reds, Whites and even Bubbles. Definitely worth the stop.

Patrono series commissioned by Rex D’Aquino to commemorate the achievement of his grandfather and 70 years in the orange wine industry.

The carriage by night!

2019 new releases

Another beautiful day at the vineyard

Rex D'Aquino

Cellar Door Interior, previously Highland Heritage Restaurant

Green vines on a perfect sunny day

Stop by our vineyard to start your journey!

Amazing panoramic view through our cellar door windows!